Care Takers

Kateřina Oleksíková, care taker

I have a very positive relationship with children and working with them charges me with new energy, so my field of study at the secondary school was an obvious choice: Social Studies. So even during my studies, I knew exactly which direction my working life should take. I worked with mentally handicapped children and autistic people, but moving to a new city meant a new opportunity working with our lovely kids in the Little Heroes nursery. In fact, I shouldn‘t be even talking about work as such, but rather about a hobby that I truly enjoy and which gives me the opportunity to teach the kids something new every day.

Tereza Gregorková, care taker

The view of the world through children's eyes is unique to others and completely different. That‘s what I realized when my little brother was born and I had my first chance to experience looking after a child. This was followed by other practice in nursery and at summer camps. Therefore I am very glad I can learn and laugh with our kids and again see the world a bit differently. With great responsibility, this work also brings a great pleasure. Working with children helps me to understand them better and I’m looking forward to consistently educate and develop myself.

Jana Faltýnková, English teacher

I have high level of patience with immense love and compassion for children. I have gained great skills and knowledge of developing fun and interesting activities.

Previously I have been supporting children and young people with special needs in school and child care in United Kingdom. My primary responsibility was to ensure children are in safe and comfortable environment. Provide them with personal care, attention and to encourage learning and socialization. Improving their social skills such as communication and cooperation.

Renáta Longauerová, care taker

Influenced by my mum and my grandma, who were both elementary school teachers, I’ve always been drawn to working with children, so while studying English and American studies at Charles University, I started working as English and Spanish language tutor in different nurseries and elementary schools around Prague. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I got accepted to study psycholinguistics, focusing on language acquisition and language disorders; however, I decided to defer this offer for one year and moved to England, where I worked in nurseries, and later in a school for mentally and physically disabled children and children with autism. During this year, my relationship to children got deepened even more, so after finishing my master’s degree, I decided to go back to working with kids. Even though those two years of master gave me a lot, I truly missed the direct contact with children that for so long was such an inherent part of my life. That is why I’m truly happy that I got an opportunity to work in an environment, in which I can follow my two biggest passions: working with children and languages.