Price List

Price per month 5 days per week 4 days per week 3 days per week 2 days per week
Morning attendance
9.200 CZK 8.200 CZK 7.200 CZK 6.200 CZK
Full-time attendance
10.200 CZK 9.200 CZK 8.200 CZK 7.200 CZK

Price includes: Montessori education program, English lessons, physical and art activities, drinking regime, art supplies, hygiene supplies (wet wipes, creams etc.) and insurance.

Meals are paid separately according to the food delivery company’s price list. Meals include lunch, 2 snacks, fruits and vegetables; everything suited to small children needs.

There is a possibility to specify different price according to arrangement between parent and service provider (discount for siblings, for example). Changes in the attendance times are possible after individual discussion.

The tax discount is 15.200 CZK per year. (1.266 CZK per month)!