What children eat

We offer balanced meals from quality ingredients chosen with respect to the age of children. Lunch in the nursery is delivered by company Bionea Bionea.

Company Bionea is a registered expert in preparing meals for kindergardens and schools, they are governed by laws of the Ministry of Education. Those laws determinate the structure of the meals also known as „consumer basket“.

All kinds of meat (fish, poultry, beef, pork, rabbit), fresh vegetable and fruits, legumes, cereal and dairy products are part of the menu. Meals are flavored mostly with fresh or dried herbs, edible flowers, sea salt and other bio products. For sweet taste is used dark cane sugar, grain malt, syrups – agave and maple or honey.

Snacks are prepared by the Little Heroes team in the nursery using vegetable and fruit. We make tasty and healthy spreads and smoothies.

In case your children have food intolerance or you want to bring your own meals, it is possible. We are open to different eating habits.